Monday, August 30, 2021

Tree Services

Are you looking for Tree Services in North NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Company is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Tree Services in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care.


Trees can add to the beauty of nature and could really add to the home value. Their shade can be helpful to many species and have more advantages than one can count. Therefore, it is necessary to learn a lot about trees on your property so that you can keep them healthy.

Begin landscape care in the fall

There are many people out there who like to wait until spring to even think about their landscaping. But the people who are seasoned in this field know that taking care of the new trees in the fall could really give you a head start and make the whole springtime care easier for them. Here are some of the most important steps that you need to keep in mind while making your trees ready for cold weather. You should consider nipping all the tree-related problems by using the PINE method.

·         Prune those branches who are unruly

·         Inspect your trees for dead limbs, insect damage, or any kind of tree-related disease

·         Nourish the roots of your trees with water and mulch

·         Extend the next year’s growing season of the trees by planting new trees in the fall

Keep in mind that healthy trees that are cared for don't die easily. They don't snap, lose their limbs or fall prone to the house termites. On top of that, taking care of your trees can also allow you to prevent any damage to your property or home.

Leave the trees alone.

Trees aren’t like humans. They don’t need human efforts to grow. Most of the trees thrive without any effort, but due to over-care shown by the humans to showcase those trees, these trees get inadvertently damaged. Just parking your car under your tree can mess up the ground, which could make it difficult for the roots to grow, and hence the tree will get damaged.

It has happened many times that homeowners want to build some kind of structure near their trees and use a tree enhancement technique. Do not do this. Doing so could really damage the roots and growth space for trees. The roots need to grow more than the branches, and that is why the construction of any kind of property near your trees could turn out to be a very bad idea.

Observe your trees regularly

Planting your trees is easy, but taking good care of them is as hard as it can get. Even though leaving your trees alone is the best way to nourish them, it is still a good idea to observe them on a regular basis, so you get an idea when they change or when they need your care. Taking care of a diseased tree is easy if you are prepared beforehand. That is why you should monitor your trees closely to avoid any tree damage.

Bottom line

Taking care of your trees isn't an easy task, and especially when you are inexperienced, a little mistake could turn out to be a very bad experience for you. Therefore, to take proper care of your trees, you need to consider calling a tree service company and let them handle the whole project. 

For more information on our Tree Services in North NJ, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at (201) 991-1904.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service – Your trusted Tree Services in North NJ.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Reliable Tree Service in NJ

Are you looking for Tree Services in North NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Company is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Tree Services in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care. 


If you are looking for a tree service company in New Jersey but aren't sure about picking the right one, here is something that might help you out. Choosing the best tree service company to take care of your lawn is paramount to assist you in ensuring the safety of your trees. Here are seven things to consider while hiring a reliable tree service in NJ.

Check if they are legit.

Being legit is necessary, and the company you are hiring must be TCIA accredited. TCIA is the leading voice on education, safety, and tree care altogether. Always verify the credentials to find out if they are reliable or not.

Ask for an estimate

You don't have to break your bank for tree removal or lawn maintenance; therefore, you should always ask the company to provide you an estimate for the service that you will be getting. Ask them about the written estimate and compare the rates with other companies.

References are the key.

Online reviews are legitimate if they are not repetitive. They can provide you an insight into how the company operates and why you should hire them. Ensure to do thorough research before hiring the company. If you cannot find anything on the internet, don't feel shy and ask the company directly for references. A trustworthy company will always allow you to talk to their recent customers who are satisfied with their work.

Insurance and license

Being insured and licensed is the key to find out if the company is legitimate or not. A company that operates without any license is a bad omen for you, and you shouldn't save your money by hiring them at lower prices because the liability insurance could backfire if something happens. The whole thing might end up in a lawsuit if you didn't take due care.

Tree health

It isn’t the first motive of every company to take care of trees. Therefore, you should ask your company if they use spikes during topping or pruning. Avoid the companies who undertake such practices to avoid any permanent damage to your trees.

Put safety first

Does your tree company follow the guidelines set by the OSHA? It is crucial for you to ask these questions. The company that you are hiring should always think about safety first. Ensure that the company is following proper protocol and safety regulations and are wearing safety hats and protective gear.

Services that they offer

Finding a reliable tree service company is like finding a needle in a haystack. You should look for a reliable tree company that is offering more than just tree services. Services like lawn maintenance and lawn care should be provided by these companies too. There are a variety of other things too, which you should look for while hiring a reliable tree service in New Jersey. These things include that if they do debris removal, or minimal damage, etc., protect your trees and protect yourself now by hiring the most reliable company in the whole of New Jersey. We are licensed, insured, and surely tree lovers!

For more information on our Tree Services in North NJ, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at (201) 991-1904.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service – Your trusted Tree Services in North NJ.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Tree Service in Essex County, NJ

Are you looking for Tree Service in Essex County, NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Service is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Tree Service in Essex County, NJ with vast experience and great customer care.


Vacations are just around the corner, and yet you haven't planned tree pruning and trimming this year? With the turmoil of COVID-19, almost everyone has forgotten about their trees and lawn maintenance. Now that the pandemic is slowly receding away, you should look forward to trimming your trees to avoid any unforeseeable incidents. Here are some other reasons for you to consider trimming and pruning your trees.


It doesn't matter if you have trees at home or on your commercial property; you don't have the time and resources to deal with the damage that might happen on your property if a tree or even a single branch of the tree falls at the wrong place. Winter isn't the only time when the trees could do damage. Summer storms can also weaken the branches and can sometimes rip off the trees from their roots. That is why to keep your family and home safe, and you should consider pruning and trimming your trees NOW!

Damage repair

Safety isn't the only thing that you should feel concerned about. You should always call a professional tree service agency even when you see a dead limb of a branch hanging down from the tree. It is always safe to prune the dead limb to avoid any financial loss. Rotten trees and damaged limbs of trees are the two most common issues due to which thousands of residents face server financial damage and even lost lives.

Long term health

Not everything is about keeping yourself safe. Trees provide oxygen to the environment that we live in. That is why we should take care of the trees so that they could stay healthy for a longer period of time. If you aren't doing maintenance and not taking care of the trees in your lawn, this will lead compromise the overall health of the tree. Trimming and pruning the tree on time will allow the tree to live and will stimulate its growth.

Curb appeal

Another reason that you should trim and prune your tree regularly is that it will enhance the overall curb appeal of your property. It doesn't matter if the trees are on your residential property or commercial; you don't want messy trees to be the first things that people would look at while visiting you. Neat and finely trimmed trees will add to the overall curb appeal of your property and will attract more people if you are running any kind of business.

 Bottom line

We are a tree service company in your area and are providing our services for quite a while now. If you want to request an estimate about your residential or commercial tree pruning or trimming, don't hesitate to contact us. We are serving our customers proudly for quite a while now and won't let you down. Additionally, you can count on us that after the job is done, we will make sure to pick up all the debris or broken branches and will leave your lawn neat and clean.

For more information on Tree Service in Essex County, NJ, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at (201) 991-1904.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service – Your trusted source for Tree Service in Essex County, NJ.