Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tree Trimming & Pruning in NJ

For most NJ residents, lawn and garden care are very important aspects to a home's appearance. Any proud gardener will tell you that to maintain your lawn and garden you will need to invest time and money into a good fertilizer, weed killer, and topsoil. Due to this emphasis upon a home's lawn and garden, many NJ home owners overlook the importance of maintaining the trees that adorn their yard. The appearance of a trees on a property is just as important to a home's outdoor aesthetic as lawn and garden care is. Let Uncle Matty's Tree Service be your one-stop place for all of your NJ tree trimming & pruning services.

Maintaining a healthy landscape cannot be achieved without proper tree trimming and pruning. Low-hanging or limp branches make a home seem uninviting and messy, and it can even be a safety hazard. The tree trimming and pruning services offered at Uncle Matty's Tree Service can effectively shape-up your trees, lawn and home, and can make it a safer environment for passersby as well as for you and your family. Our NJ tree shaping services leave your trees and lawn looking clean while keeping everyone safe and sound. Our knowledgeable and informed tree specialists have years of experience, which helps them to help to maximize the structure of your trees while at the same time making them more pleasing to the eye.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service, in addition to providing effective trimming and pruning services, also specializes in tree stump removals, for any unsightly and unfinished tree cutting jobs. This helps to prevent the recurrence of weeds and bugs in and around the tree stump, and increases the overall value of your home and property.

Call Uncle Matty's today for all of your NJ tree shaping services at 1-800-975-3789 to speak to a tree professional. Ask about our other tree services that include all year-round tree removal and cutting, firewood deliveries and seasonal snow plowing services. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emergency Tree Removal in Bergen County

Emergency tree removal in Bergen County has been a necessity for years. Whether it is related to unpredictable weather, is too close in proximity to other things or poses potential danger to others, there is always a reason trees need to be removed.

In the case of an emergency, Uncle Matty's Tree Service can provide you with all of your tree removal needs. For residents who live in Bergen County and are searching to remove a tree that has fallen in their yard or street, or perhaps is dangerously close to falling down, Uncle Matty's Tree Service is the place to go.

A professional should be called to assess the tree as soon as there is any cause for concern. There are many reasons for removing a tree from property. Some of the outward signs of a tree that may need to be removed right away include falling branches, an unhealthy tree, a dead tree or an infested tree.

Emergency tree removal in Bergen County is
offered by Uncle Matty's all year long.
Any of these signs pose potential danger to not only you, but also to those that surround you. No matter how dangerous the tree that needs to be removed may be, removing it on your own is not the way to get rid of it. The professionals at Uncle Matty's Tree Service are equipped with the necessary cranes, machinery and tools that are needed to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Emergency tree removal in Bergen County is provided by Uncle Matty's Tree Service, no matter where the tree is located. The tree could be wedged between two homes, in a confined space or extremely close to an office building, and can still be removed without causing any damage to the structure of the tree's surroundings.

If you need emergency tree care or emergency tree removal in Bergen County, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at 1-800-975-3789 for more information. Uncle Matty's Tree Service will provide you with a tree expert who can quickly assess how dire it may be to remove a tree from any type of property.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Emergency Tree Removal in Hudson County, NJ

Have a tree that is too close to your property line and needs to be removed? What about a tree that is getting caught up in wires, or is too close to your chimney? How about that tree in the backyard that is leaning over a little too far? Emergency tree removal in Hudson County at Uncle Matty's Tree Service can help you solve that problem.

Tree removal can be a complicated task, especially when trying it on your own - so why not let the experts handle it? The professionals at Uncle Matty's will assess the area where there needs to be a tree removed, and guarantee no damage to vegetation, homes and other surroundings. Each procedure that is performed by Uncle Matty's is owner-supervised and insured.

Emergency tree removal in Hudson County is efficient when done by Uncle Matty's. It does not matter where the tree is located on your property because Uncle Matty's has the cranes and machinery that are required to remove a tree successfully. There is a same-day guarantee for each procedure that is completed. The area will even be cleaned after the tree is removed, offering each and every customer satisfaction and ease when it comes to emergency tree removal.

If you have a tree that is in the process of dying, is dead or hazardous, unstable, leaning over too far, uprooted, infested with insects, damaged or has falling branches, it might be time for you to consider emergency tree removal in Hudson County.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service serves Bergen, Essex, Passaic and Hudson Counties. Contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service for more information on tree removal service in New Jersey. Call 1-800-975-3789 and speak with a tree expert to get a free quote!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Firewood Delivery in NJ

Do you have a fireplace but can't seem to find the time to pick up or cut your own firewood? Are you planning a camping or hiking trip and need a fire to roast s'mores with the family? Uncle Matty's Tree Service in NJ is your one-stop place for all of your firewood needs. We provide the highest quality of firewood available and can accommodate delivery options of any kind or quantity of firewood straight to your doorstep. 

Uncle Matty's Firewood Delivery in NJ pride ourselves in being able to provide many different kinds of hardwood or softwood blends and can provide simple camping firewood for all of your outdoor endeavors. Our firewood delivery service in NJ involves the cutting and splitting of of seasoned and clean firewood. Our friendly staff provides full delivery services and helps to load, unload, and stack the firewood wherever you may desire. We even make sure to clean up after the delivery to keep your home spotless.

Firewood services are a dime-a-dozen, but know that you can trust Uncle Matty's Firewood Delivery in NJ for all of your firewood and firewood delivery needs. Call Uncle Matty's Tree Service at 1-800-975-3789 to speak to a helpful expert and get a free quote as well!