Monday, March 26, 2012

Affordable Tree Cutting Services

Uncle Matty's tree removal service is fast, experienced, and above all, affordable. Our tree experts can give you a free quote and answer these important questions about your trees:

Is the tree dead or hazardous?
Is the tree or its branches unstable or falling? Leaning over or towards your house or car?
Is the tree uprooted?
Is the tree dying by disease or infested with insects?
Is the tree damaged by storm or drought damaged?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then our tree removal services are here to help you!

Uncle Matty's Tree Service owns all the cranes and machinery needed for quick and safe tree removal from your property. Our specialized equipment and years of experience help us to access trees that are in confined spaces or near buildings with little chance of damage.

We guarantee that your house, nearby structures, and vegetation will not be compromised during our tree service or our emergency tree removal service. Uncle Matty's Tree Service in NJ also cleans the lots of commercial and residential sites after our tree cutting service.

To contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service, visit online or call 1-800-975-3789 for service in Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Hudson County and surrounding areas.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tree Stump Removal

After unwanted or problem trees are cut and removed by Uncle Matty's Tree Service, then it's time for tree stump removal. Uncle Matty's team of experienced and skilled tree stump removal experts offer free quotes on all tree services, and their removal of stumps adds beauty and health to lawns and gardens.

After a tree has been cut, the stump remains, and is often an attractant of insects or a plot for weeds to take hold in a carefully managed landscape. Professional stump removal avoids these unwanted eyesores, and the removal has other benefits besides these proactive measures.

The removal of old stumps allows for more ground level vegetation to grow and become vibrant. The new growth does not have to compete with the old roots for space in the ground, which makes their roots stronger and it is easier to soak up nutrients.

The removal of the stumps also helps homeowners add property value to their house. Some real estate publications estimate that proper landscaping, including tree stump removal, can add up to 15% to the resale value and speed the sale of a home by six weeks!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Training and Shaping Young Trees

While there is no set time to prune young trees, early spring is a great time to start, before the new growth begins. Training and shaping young trees helps to save yourself the trouble of having a large, unmanageable tree in your yard that can greatly affect the health of your lawn and the safety of your family.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service understands the essential nature of tree training and the importance that it has on the future of your property's landscape. Tree shaping services help to direct the growth of a young tree, and to help maximize light penetration, which helps the trees to grow strong.

By cutting back unwanted growths, Uncle Matty's Tree Service and tree trimming in NJ help by removing potentially weak limbs and branches. These weak limbs are the ones that are most likely to crack and break, causing widespread damage like that from the snow storm we experienced in New Jersey during last October.

Tree shaping services in NJ, beside restricting the grow of unwanted limbs, also helps to improve the strength of the existing tree. Remaining limbs will begin to grow thicker, making them more suitable for heavy snows and strong winds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tree Removal Service NJ

Have you ever noticed a couple of home owners attempting to remove a tree within confined space or nearby buildings?  When it comes to tree removal in New Jersey, leave it to the professionals!  Tree Removal in NJ should always be done by a professional service for the safety of the homeowners, neighbors, and surrounding structures.  If your search for NJ tree removal service has taken you around the web, consider a local, year-round service like Uncle Matty's Tree Service.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service is staffed by technicians with experience in NJ tree removal and skilled to tackle any type of tree removal in New Jersey.  Whether the service site has adequate access with little chance of damage, or requires sectional dismantling due to poor access, expect expert service done safely.  Surrounding vegetation and homes or buildings will never be compromised in the tree removal process, whether it's routine maintenance or emergency servicing.

Go with the service that knows its equipment!  Uncly Matty's Tree Removal Service in NJ conveniently owns all cranes and machinery necessary for the job so staff members are familiar with the equipment and can complete a task promptly and efficiently.  Don't worry about a mess left behind, Uncle Matty's provides lot clearing service for both residential and commercial building sites.

Any time of year, routine tree removal or emergency service after a storm, Uncle Matty's Tree Service is available by phone at 1-800-975-3789 or online at  Call or click to get in touch with service professionals quickly.

Your North NJ tree removal needs are Uncle Matty's priority.  Call today for a free quote, same day service, or emergency service.

Friday, March 2, 2012

NJ Tree Service

Uncle Matty's Tree Service is a total tree care company serving all of Northern New Jersey.  The company provides emergency tree care and tree removal services in NJ all year round.  Uncle Matty's specializes in tree pruning and tree stump removal in NJ.  Uncle Matty's Tree Service conveniently owns all cranes and tree care machinery used, allowing the expert tree care technicians to get the job done promptly and efficiently.

All procedures and services are owner supervised, fully insured and completed the same day.  When you need emergency tree removal or tree services in NJ, call Uncle Matty's Tree Service at 1-800-975-3789 and a tree expert will be glad to help you.