Thursday, January 28, 2021

Tree Services in North NJ

Are you looking for Tree Services in North NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Company is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Tree Services in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care. Our Tree Company technicians are well-trained and have the necessary knowledge to handle your tree problem promptly and with ease. 

Maintenance of trees in the surroundings involves a lot of work. It is best to hand out the work to professionals who have the experience and skill to deal with trees of all sizes in residential and commercial areas. Tree services include removal, cutting, pruning, topping, stump grinding and crane service.  

Tree removal  

Removal of a tree should be done only when necessary. There are multiple factors to consider before you call in tree services for removal.  

        Unwanted Species  

Unwanted species like black locust or mulberry may be removed. These trees have certain characteristics that make them a nuisance.  

        Damaged trunk 

If the tree has a damaged trunk and might fall any time, it is best to get it removed.  

        Leaning tree 

When a tree is leaning on one side, there are chances of it falling.    

        Under power lines 

A growing tree under the power lines should not go beyond the lines. If the tree starts touching the power lines, it is better to have it removed. 

 Tree Cutting 

Cutting of trees might involve complete removal or cutting of a certain part of the tree. Cutting is necessary to keep the tree in shape, to remove weakened branches, or to keep the surroundings tidy. Periodic cutting of branches of both young and old trees helps the trees to stay healthy. It improves exposure to sunlight.  

Tree Pruning 

Trimming and pruning are mostly done to keep the trees neat and beautiful. It is part of the maintenance of trees on your property. Regular pruning and trimming promote the overall health and structure of the tree. Pruning is necessary when you have long and tall trees with overgrowing branches on your property. The falling leaves and twigs make the pavement and the surroundings untidy. You can call a tree service periodically to come and prune or trim such trees around your house. A neat and pleasant looking landscape helps to boost the value of the property. 

Tree Topping

 It is a type of pruning where the top of the tree is trimmed. Tree topping involves cutting down the tall branches on the top into lateral branches that cannot grow any further. This is done to ensure the tree stays at a limited height. The job requires some skill which is possessed by professionals at tree service. If the tree is tall, only a tree service can get the topping done. 

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