Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow Plow Services in NJ

It is snowing outside! Do you honestly have the energy to plow it later while you can stay inside your warm house? Chances are you don't, since there is nothing pleasant about it. However, it has to be done to prevent you and your town from danger. Therefore, let the right snow removal service in NJ remove the surrounding snow in a quick and efficient way for an affordable price. Uncle Matty's expert snow plowing team clean every inch of snow from your sidewalks, walkways, and driveway. Snow plowing service in NJ include:

  • General Snow Plowing
  • Scheduled Snow Plowing Service
  • Driveway Salting Service
  • Sidewalk Salting Service
  • Walkway Salting Service
  • Competitive Pricing

Uncle Matty's tree service, carry quick vehicles including dump trucks and pick up plow trucks which are designed to take all snow plowing projects. The goal of Kearny DPW is to offer 
timely, efficient and cost effective snow plowing and ice control on the roads of Kearny NJ for the safety and benefits of its residents. For your information, Kearny's DPW plows and salts municipal streets when snow gathering reaches or goes beyond two inches. Just let it snow and Uncle Matty's snow plowing in NJ will take care of the mess.

For snow plowing service in NJ, call Uncle Matty's Tree Service today at 1-800-975-3789 for a free quote and more information.

Uncle Matty's Snow service in NJ also We specializes in tree removal in NJ

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tree Removal in Bergen County

After Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners may be looking for tree removers, since so many branches and trees have fallen during the storm. At Uncle Matty's Tree Service, our NJ tree removal experts can perform the following services:
Our tree care specialists will get the trees out of your way, so that you will not have to worry about you or your neighbors tripping over branches or injuring themselves. We will improve the safety and appearance of your household too. Our tree removal NJ company guarantees same-day results for any of the above services so you will not be inconvenienced longer than necessary.

If you have a hazardous tree situation, the UMTreeService experts will rid you of the danger right away. When a tree is leaning precariously on your house, it can injure family members inside, passersby outside, and your property as well. If your tree is leaning on a neighbor's property, when it breaks off and falls it can not only injure them, but also cause an expensive law suit as well. By calling our New Jersey tree removal experts today, you will rid yourself of the problem and be worry-free.

Our highly-trained NJ tree removal technicians can remove a tree from any space, no matter how tight. Whether we are doing a job that is high-risk or easy to access, we promise to remove the tree in question without any damage done to the surrounding home and property.

At Uncle Matty's Tree Service, we offer our tree services to Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County and Hudson County. If you or someone you know is in need of tree removal in NJ, call us for a free in-home estimate today at 1-800-975-3789.