Monday, February 22, 2021

Stump Grinding

Are you looking for a Stump Grinding Service in North NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Company is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Stump Grinding Service in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care. 

Essential Do’s and Don’ts for stump grinding

Almost all of us love greenery. But several climatic factors can affect your trees’ health. And if you notice a dead tree in your locality, it calls for a stump grinding. Many of the homeowners cut the extra branches and even trunks but leave the stumps in their place.

However, you can get stump grinding done and make your premise look well-organized and well-maintained. But what if you do something that slows down your stump removal.

Do’s of trees’ stump grinding:

        Schedule the stump grinding at the right time: The leftover stumps not only damage your premise’s aesthetic value but can also spread infections with the wood decay. It can get several infectious insects and pests accumulated. It would help if you immediately get it removed to avoid such situations.

        Wear the right outfit: The professionals working with stump grinders must wear tight clothes and goggles for protecting their eyes and specific gloves.

        Ensure the utmost cleanliness: A stump grinder is a massive tool and can damage your stuff or outdoor furniture. It would be best to clear the area so that the technician starts his work with clear and empty space. 

Don’ts of tree stump grinding: 

        Don’t just finish the process: More than half of the stumps are a few feet below the ground, and you should ensure that the electrical connections, water pipelines and other things don’t get affected with this deep-root removal.

        Keep your pets and children away from stumps: The homeowners should ensure the least count of people within the working area, especially when you have pets or kids around.

What do we do for our clients?

We at, provide the best tree services in North NJ. We have well-trained technicians to operate heavy-duty machines and different tools to provide all the tree services. We specialize in tree cutting, tree pruning, tree removal, tree topping, crane services, and most importantly, stump grinding. 

You can contact us in emergencies for all the simple as well as complex tree service jobs.

Why are we more superior to other options?

We have expert technicians who have received suitable training for handling cranes and all those heavy pieces of equipment used for stump grinding and tree removal processes.

Our workers focus on making your premise more hygienic and infection-free by removing every nook and corner of the tree leftovers. Our employees will not charge extra costs and will visit your place according to your selected time.

For more information on Stump Grinding Service in North NJ, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at (201) 991-1904.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service – Your trusted source for Stump Grinding Service in North NJ.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Tree Cutting Service in North NJ

Are you looking for a Tree Cutting Service in North NJ? Uncle Matty's Tree Company is a Licensed & Insured tree company that provides professional Tree Cutting Service in North NJ with vast experience and great customer care. 

Tree Cutting Service in North NJ

Cutting down or trimming a tree is not as easy as it sounds. The process needs planned execution and multiple safety standards are to be followed. If you are looking for a tree cutting service in North NJ, then Uncle Matty's Tree service has got professional tree cutters who can remove an unwanted tree or trim down large trees to make your property look neat and tidy. 

Why should you cut or trim trees?

Trees are a gift to humankind by nature. Being a constant source of oxygen, they are the lifelines of a healthy environment. However, trees need periodic maintenance to be in good shape and also to stop overgrowth. Well-trimmed and pruned trees function better and are more beneficial. Here are some reasons that explain the advantages of commercial tree cutting service:

        Trees stay healthy

Branches of trees become broken and dull as it ages and goes through various weather conditions. Infestations make trees weak and susceptible to breakage. Trees that are infected with a disease and can’t grow anymore should be cut down. Trimming and pruning are also necessary to ensure three receives enough sunlight and air circulate smoothly through all branches. 

        Safety is maintained

Old trees or diseased trees may have branches falling off at any time. If the trunk gets weak, the entire tree could collapse. Trees with a loose grip on the soil can be easily uprooted in storms or strong winds. Such trees can be a threat to human lives and property. Commercial tree cutting services ensure the safety of the people by cutting down the weak or dead trees. 

        Shaping the trees

Trees can grow haphazardly in any direction if not maintained. Some trees may be losing branches and leaves looking out of shape. With professional cutting and trimming of the trees, they stay in shape and grow well. 

        The area looks clean and beautiful

Your property looks much better when there are wonderful landscapes around. A well-maintained surrounding with nicely trimmed trees increases the value of the property as well. The professional tree cutting services have experienced workers who know how to shape the trees to bring out the beauty. 

        Control the visual access of your house

Trees surrounding your house can be pruned and trimmed according to your requirements. You can control how much of your house is visible from the outside by shaping the trees around the property. 

For more information on Tree Cutting Service in North NJ, contact Uncle Matty's Tree Service at (201) 991-1904.

Uncle Matty's Tree Service – Your trusted source for Tree Cutting Service in North NJ.